Posted on July 11 2018


As part of Beautique Designs strong commitment to sustainability and waste minimisation, we embarked on a search to find ways we could assist salons dispose of old capes and uniforms in a more environmentally friendly and economic way. It was a problem we had heard many salon owners tell us... "we'd like to do something, but we just don't know what!"


Our search lead us to find the squad at Hair Aid Inc. a not for profit organisation headed up by the amazing Selina Tomasich! After talking to Hair Aid and hearing all about the work they do, we knew we had to get involved. 


Hair Aid began in 2010 and their mission is to reduce unemployment for  people living in poverty and women rescued from the sex trade industry. Since they started in 2010, they have been running programs where they send qualified hairdressers to teach and train the skill of cutting hair, as well as manicures and pedicures, so that these people can earn a living and create a pathway from poverty. 


Hair Aid currently runs programs in Manila, Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand and have an upcoming Cambodia trip planned for August this year for which our very own BD founder and designer, Brooke Jones, is currently raising funds (details below).


We at Beautique Designs are so excited to be involved in such a great cause, supporting both the hairdressing industry and giving back to those less fortunate. When you order new capes through Beautique Designs, you can now send your old unwanted capes back to us, and we'll send them on to Hair Aid who use them as industry tools in their programs. This allows salons to dispose of old capes with ease and know they are being used for a good cause and reducing waste at the same time.


We can all make a difference by working together! We'd love to continue spreading the word about about this incredible cause, so please feel free to share this article if you know anyone who may be interested in hearing more!


If you would like to talk to us about how you can donate, please get in touch at 

To read more about Hair Aid and their great work, head to their website at and check them out on Facebook and Instagram @hairaidinc

To donate towards the Beautique Designs & Hair Aid Cambodia Fund, CLICK HERE (donations are tax deductible).

- BD Design Team

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